You need a reliable crossover to drive wherever you want? Toyota will have something for you. You need a vehicle for off-road adventures? Toyota can deliver it. Need a city cruiser, comfortable and safe? Again, Toyota will find perfect crossover. Ok then, what about premium models? Toyota’s luxury branch Lexus has plenty of SUV vehicles to offer.

Being one of the most popular carmakers is not coming by chance. You must meet requirements of every buyer. And there we are facing individual preferences and likes. Some people love big and powerful crossovers, some will find joy in driving small uunits, while there are drivers who want the interior to look like a home. For all these requests, Toyota will find an excellent deal.

Of course, the Japanese carmaker is following trends. It is not all about engine, durability, and performance. The vehicle must be eye-catching, stylish, aggressive, to be spotted by customers before some other company lures them away. Interior must be updated every now and then. Luckily, once installed, these systems are not there for good as they were at the start. Owners of Toyota and Lexus SUVs can update most of the features inside the cabin.

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Furthermore, to stay in the game, every carmaker in the crossover segment must build a variety of models, from subcompact to full-size SUVs. Toyota meets this standard and starts with C-HR as the entry-level crossover. In compact class, we will find Toyota Rav4. The bigger model is Highlander, which also adds the third row of seats. In this class, we also have a 4Runner. But, this one is more capable of an off-road drive. Finally, in full-size segment, we find again two models. Sequoia is the base one, while the Land Cruiser is the premium all-wheel drive model, packed with many features to boost overall impression.

We must add that Toyota is already present in the hybrid game. Their Highlander is the only mid-size three-row SUV on the market. In 2019 we can expect first rivals to get on the line. Whatsoever, the Rav4 Hybrid is also one of the most popular SUVs of this kind.

The revival of Lexus nameplate started a few years ago. Toyota is using this line as its luxury segment. It is not offering as many models as its parent company, but in 2019 we will see some debuts and novelties. Lexus NX is a premium compact SUV. In mid-size class, we will find Lexus RX, which also offers the third row of seats, and Lexus GX, which is a bigger one. The biggest SUV in this family is Lexus LX. The NX won’t be smallest for too long. Toyota announced the arrival of the subcompact 2019 Lexus UX. As its parent company, Lexus will offer some of their models with a hybrid drivetrain.

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This is not going to be the only novelty for the next season. The Japanese company is preparing a lot of surprises. For some, we know, while some are still in development. More hybrids, EVs, maybe even new models should not surprise a huge number of fans of these brands.

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Big guns of the Toyota and Lexus are not expecting too many changes for the upcoming season. One of the most notable is dropping of the third row from the Lexus LX. With this one removed, the vehicle will gain more interior space. On the other hand, it will cost less.

Read a full review about the upcoming Lexus LX HERE.

Its sibling in standard range will get only minor, cosmetic updates. So, no big deal with 2019 Toyota Sequoia. But, this car could get a major redesign in 2020. Stay with us and read the latest info about the upcoming full-size SUV HERE.

2019 Toyota Sequoia


Toyota and Lexus have two vehicles each in this class. The RX is the best-selling product by the luxury line. So, there is no surprise when we see it being tested for the next season. Spy shots are already available, and we are working on details about 2019 Lexus RX 350 and Lexus RX 450h.

Check out what we know so far about standard RX model HERE and hybrid HERE.

More attention is paid to RX lineup, so the GX is in the second plan for 2019. However, the GX SUV will also see some changes for the next season. More about it, read HERE.

The best off-road SUV in the entire family is clearly Toyota 4Runner. No other model can match its performance while not on asphalt. The difference is even bigger since the 4Runner is using TRD Pro package. That is the only crossover with such features, and only trucks Tacoma and Tundra can offer a similar package of equipment. In the next season, new Toyota 4Runner will be revisited, inside and outside. For more, check out the latest news HERE.

As we already mentioned, Toyota Highlander is the only hybrid SUV among mid-size three-row rivals. But, it won’t be for too long. Its competition is launching vehicles with the same type of drivetrain. But, Toyota is not going to be unprepared. New Highlander will get updates, while something special is on the way for 2020. The review of the 2019 versions updates you can check HERE.

2019 Toyota Highlander hybrid


Small SUVs can’t offer too much power and torque, high speeds, or crazy acceleration. But, these vehicles are cheaper than its bigger siblings, but they don’t lose on comfort. These are only a few reasons why Toyota Rav4 is the most favorite crossover in the lineup. And the proof is its sales records. The best-selling model is coming with a new look and few other updates. Read HERE what to expect from it.

However, the new Rav4 is not going to take a spotlight from the new member of the family. Lexus is growing faster than anyone expected. Now, the luxury brand adds the missing piece of the puzzle to its fleet. It is the 2019 Lexus UX, which will take a position in the subcompact class. HERE you can find out more about its arrival and specs.

The C-HR, as the smallest Toyota SUV is not going to make a big impact for the next season. But, in 2020 we could see it as the EV. If development goes ahead of schedule, the all-electric crossover could arrive already this next season. Stay updated with the latest rumors HERE.

The 2019 Lexus NX is already out. It will feature NX300 and NX200t models, with F-Sport trim level. We will check them out separately and write reviews. Check back later and read more about NX300 HERE, NX 300h news is HERE, smallest NX200t HERE, and F-Sport version updates are HERE.

2019 Lexus UX F Sport SUV


Also, in 2019 we could see returns of some models that were very popular back in their time. These are FJ Cruiser and Venza. However, details are limited, so SUVs are still questionable. We will follow the updates and let you know more about them. If you are a fan of Toyota FJ Cruiser check HERE, and if you want to know more about 2019 Toyota Venza you can read the review HERE.