2019 Toyota Venza Return

Only four years after discontinuation, Toyota is considering the return of the Venza SUV. Well, the crossover market is growing, and the Japanese carmaker is recognizing the opportunity. They will slow down the development of sedans and hatchbacks, as some of its main rivals. Instead, more crossovers and SUVs will be available for purchase in upcoming years. The mid-size 2019 Toyota Venza will take the position under Highlander. It could get a hybrid engine as well. And finally, it will debut in the US early next year.

After few years, the 2019 Toyota Venza could retain the platform it used before. However, some modifications must happen in order to modernize vehicle. Also, the SUV is going to be more competitive in the best-selling class of the automotive industry. The return of Venza shows Toyota’s intention to prove itself again as the leader in this segment.

2019 Toyota Venza

2019 Toyota Venza Engine

We already wrote about the new Highlander and that the vehicle could drop its 2.7-liter engine. This inline-four unit would be perfect for a vehicle slotted between compact and mid-size three-row SUV. Well, with the return of the 2019 Toyota Venza, we have a favorite to take this engine which needs small tuning to be competitive.

It can develop 185 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The four-pot mill is not too much fuel-friendly. It will be able to return 21/25 mpg in city/highway. The Venza mates its engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. The only available drive is front-wheel and AWD is not going to be available for 2019 Venza.

2019 toyota venza engine

2019 Toyota Venza Hybrid

As its bigger and smaller siblings, the 2019 Toyota Venza could get a hybrid model. However, the company is combining a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor on Rav4, or V6 and battery in Highlander. We believe that Venza is more likely to get the first combination, which delivers 200 hp. With 34 mpg for city cruising, the mid-size hybrid could be considered as one of the buyers’ favorites on the market.

2019 Toyota Venza Redesign

The 2019 Toyota Venza is going to be shorter than it was in 2015. The wheelbase won’t be longer than 105 inches. This crossover was one of the elegant SUVs in the market. However, now we will see it coming with more aggressive appearance. Bigger wheels on smaller wheelbase will do part of it. Rear end and front fascia are getting a new look.

2019 toyota venza side


The most radical changes we will see inside the cabin of the 2019 Toyota Venza. The entry-level model will probably come with base equipment. Toyota could install Apple CarPlay already there to attract a younger population. Since its last appearance, too many things have changed, so 2019 Venza will get updates of seats, dashboard, and infotainment.

2019 Toyota Venza Price

The entry-level 2019 Toyota Venza is going to cost around $27,000. It is probably going to be the LE model. We will see it also as XLE and Limited versions, which are standard for most Toyotas. Top of the class model will cost around $35,000.

The new crossover won’t come by the end of this year. Car shows in Detroit or Chicago are favorites to host its debut.

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