No Toyota Tacoma Diesel in 2020

It’s been probably five years since we heard it for the first time. And still, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is a dream that is not becoming a reality. We read a lot about it, but the company already claimed that the 2019 model is not getting this drivetrain, so rumors cooled down. Still, the hard-core fans still believe that next season we could see it. Reasons are obvious – in the first place the growing competition. The biggest obstacle is an expensive development.

The new Tacoma got a new TRD Pro package with fresh colors. Still, this is not enough, having in mind a jaw-dropping combination of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel and TRD Pro suite. The truck would be unstoppable. Competition would be swept. Tacoma could have a clear path to become the king of the off-road segment in the mid-size class. But, we are still far away from reality, especially with chiefs from Japanese carmaker being quiet about the diesel engine.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel engine

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Rumors and Facts

Besides the positive effects, there are also downsides that delay the arrival of Tacoma Diesel all these years. First of all, there are strict requirements for these kinds of engines in the US. It is not easy to meet efficiency, and especially emission standards. In all other markets, Toyota has no problems to use diesel powertrain for Hilux truck. But, in the US, the situation is much more complicating. Besides that, the market still suffers from last year’s scandal when VW faked emission reports. The popularity of diesel units is not so high anymore. Still, there are a lot of truckers that would like to take advantages of everything the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel could offer.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel release date

Powertrains – Problems and Solutions

So, the major problem is the regulations in the USA. To solve this obstacle, Toyota’s engines must meet the requirements. If the Japanese company opts to tune some of the existing units, that would definitely be a 2.8-liter D-4D engine. Currently, it is capable to produce 180 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. The only diesel truck in the mid-size class is Chevy Colorado and this one offers 370 pound-feet of twist and 186 hp. Jeep Gladiator also uses a diesel engine, but that is a 3.0-liter turbo unit borrowed from Ram 1500 full-size pickup.

The other solution will be a new engine. However, the development of such a unit will be very expensive for Toyota. But, if they decide on this move, they will have a mill for the next couple of years. Still, the company is thinking green, so at the moment a hybrid is a more realistic option for the next Tacoma.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel specs

2.8 D-4D Engine Specs

No 2020 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. Is It Coming in 2021?

With time ticking away for the next season, it becomes more likely that Tacoma could get a diesel engine in 2021 or later. Again, cards are still open and the future of this project is uncertain. The Japanese company will also monitor the situation with the Ford Ranger. Currently, one of the newest mid-size trucks in the US market is using only a four-cylinder unit. Right after the premiere, Ford announced that V6 or diesel engines are next drivetrains for the Ranger. If this happens, it could change minds of Toyota’s bosses and Tacoma Diesel could be ready for 2021 season.

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